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About the Santa Ynez Valley Bow Club

Our story...


Early 1973, local archers used  to have an indoor shooting range in the Carrillo Recreation Center. Once a week, archers would gather and shoot in the 20 yard gym. Plywood would be placed  against the walls so as not to damage the walls if the bale was missed entirely, though several times arrows would travel through the plywood. The club eventually lost this indoor range due to lack of attendance.

The Santa Barbara Archers later began using an outdoor  range in Hale Park in Montecito, perhaps the best range in California at the  time. People from all over California would attend the club shoots. The club yet  again encountered trouble when the city removed the beautiful Hale Park from  archery use. Ira West (the patriarch of the Santa Barbara Archers) and the  remaining club members would often take opportunities at the UCSB range to  gather and shoot when they could. Throughout the years, the club continued to  revitalize the club by securing a range location, but plans were always confronted with struggle.

In 1979, Ira West and Paul Collins were contacted by John Thayer to discuss the development of a shooting range. John was a training officer for the Santa Barbara Police Department and an archery enthusiast. The Santa Ynez Pistol Club had been looking to add an outdoor archery range. The proposal was agreed upon and Ira West, John Thayer, Skip Bond, Rich Valencia, and Paul Collins began construction. As there was no electricity on the range and  limited funds, all construction and ground work was performed by hand and with  one small generator. The most difficult aspect of the range construction, taking  months of time, was the concrete formation for the interior targets as there was  no water source on the range. When construction was completed later in 1980, the  Santa Ynez Bow Club was founded.

At its infant stage, the club began to slowly gather members and reignite the enthusiasm that had existed  at the old Santa Barbara club. Cal Vogt, the seven time National Bowhunter  Champion would show up and participate in club shoots. Today, over 150 members  participate in monthly shoots and fundraising events. The club continues to grow  and encourage community support and interaction.

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